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All About Mike Maykin Music

The man, the myth, the legend, ha ha, I wish. Just a somewhat introverted guy who enjoyed writing songs and making music, mostly by myself. If I'm really honest, I don't play well with others, which doesn't help with music because collaboration is essential. So I must thank all of those people who did work with, or should it be tolerate, me.

In my 20s I was the lead singer in a band for a couple of years, mainly pub and party rock & roll covers. This was good grass-roots experience, however, I left that scene to go to University and became an Environmental and Political Scientist. I credit some of my song-writing fortitude to all of those long boring scientific reports I wrote for government and other institutions.

Fast forward to the present, as of February 2021 I started writing songs, learning guitar, and performing at clubs in my local area. It was a rather steep and daunting learning curve. By mid year I was recording original songs at Studio 822 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Between February and December 2021 I wrote around 140 songs, plus lots of part songs and odd scribblings, some better than others. So far, I've recorded 15 songs, with the first 6 being released on the album "Thinking Out Loud". So there is lots more to come, and a lot of different genres; I like to mix it up.

Apart from likeminded friends, I haven't had any support. I mean realistically, what record label or music producer is going to give me a second look or return my calls; so I figured, I'll just go and do it my way by myself. Now its time to make some music videos, so I'll just do some research and then jump in and get the job done. 

"I'm only here for this life, and the candle's burning fast." A line from one of my yet to be released songs.


Mike Maykin

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